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DOT Physicals For All Truck Drivers

DOT Physicals From Your Everett Chiropractor

If you are a commercial driver, such as a truck driver, then you are required to have a DOT physical in Everett, WA. This physical exam verifies that you are in good condition to operate a commercial vehicle. We provide DOT physicals here at Everett Spine and Rehab. We also offer all-natural treatments for work-related injuries including neck pain that you may have due to your driving job. Find out more about what to expect with DOT physicals and how to complete this process. 

DOT Physical

Why Do I Need a Department of Transportation Physical Exam?

Anyone who has a commercial driver’s license or CDL is required to pass a Department of Transportation physical exam. The DOT is the federal agency that oversees all commercial drivers. This includes school bus drivers, over the road truck drivers, and local package delivery drivers. By getting a DOT exam you can prove that you are physically capable of driving and operating a vehicle. If you are unable to pass a DOT physical, then you can be placed on a probationary period where you have to follow medical advice for improvements. If you are consistently failing your DOT physical exam, you will lose your CDL. 

Who Provides DOT Physical Exams?

Not every medical authority can provide DOT physical exams. Someone who is a chiropractor, nurse practitioner, medical doctor, and other medical authorities can become certified by the DOT to conduct these exams. Here at Everett Spine and Rehab, we have a certified examiner, Dr. Laura Wilson, who performs these exams in our office. Once she has completed your exam you will receive an official certificate that states whether or not you have passed the physical. You are required to keep this with you at all times when operating a commercial vehicle.

What is a DOT Physical Include?

When you visit our chiropractor in Everett, WA for a DOT physical we use the same format that is required of all certified medical examiners. This involves a medical history and physical examination. It also includes a vision and hearing test, as well as a drug and alcohol screen. During the exam, certain aspects of your health will be discussed, such as whether you take prescription or OTR medication. Additionally, your neck circumference will be measured as this is a predetermining factor in sleep apnea, which is a common health problem among truck drivers in particular. 

Contact Everett Spine and Rehab in WA

When you need a DOT physical in Everett, WA we are here to assist you. At Everett Spine and Rehab our chiropractor Dr. Lauren Wilson is a licensed medical examiner (NRCME). Dr. Wilson is certified by the Department of Transportation to provide physical examinations for CDL holders.

We also provide chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, and acupuncture to aid in your overall health and well-being. Contact our office at 425-310-4014 to schedule your DOT physical today. We are currently offering a complimentary consultation for new patients.

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